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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Strong light in compact size!! You can carry it around and visualize dust in anytime!!
With 1,000 lumens LED lamps and unique green filter, Cleanroom Light Mini can visulaize even 10-20μm. Its compact size makes cleanroom users can carry it around and use it for checking dust or defect inspection more easily.
Use applications
- Check the environment in the cleanroom
- Check the equipment after cleaning
- Use in inspection process
- Check the coating condition
- Check for dust or any defects on workpieces

Example of Use

Check inside the air shower

Check cleanroom floor

See the mist of Mist Stream
to check air flow.
3 Brightness Levels (High / Middle / Low) and Zoomable !!

Condensing Mode

Diffusing Mode

Light, Box, Battery, Charger (USB & AC Adaptor), Stand, Green filter, Cover, Soft case ,Screw for stand, Strap,case for battery

Compare with the other Cleanroom Light
Cleanroom Light NP-1
3,400 lumens light!!
For check dust in a wide area or large workpieces.
To see dust in the air.
Dust Finder L3SQ
Bar-type LED light
For inspection process.

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