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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Dust Finder L3SQ (L-Three-Square)

Dust Finder L3SQ can help you detect dusts on flat works easily!

For example,
- Films
- Sheet type workpieces
- For the inspection process

Size (Light Part): 223㎜×30㎜×31㎜
Weight: 270g

Brightness Adjuster

With Brightness Adjuster, you can adjust brightness of the light to fit the size of particles you would like to see.

Dim light to see only big size particles.

Bright light to see small size particles.


Green Filter
To see particles clearlier.

Needed when setting green filter to the light without stand. To protect light from the gap between the light and the filter.

To adjust height and angle of the light.

Flexible Arm
To adust the light to the best angle to see the particles.

With Green Filter
Visualize the dust clealier with Green Filter
Click the picture to enlarge.
Without Green Filter With Green Filter
From the picture, you can see that L3SQ "With Green Filter" visualizes the dusts clearlier than that "Without Green Filter".

Dust Finder L3SQ vs LED Stand Lamp

Acrylic Board (White)


LED Stand Lamp

Acrylic Board (Black)


LED Stand Lamp

Clear Board


LED Stand Lamp

Aluminium Plate


LED Stand Lamp

Silicon Wafer


LED Stand Lamp

As you see, Dust Finder L3SQ can visualize dust efficientlier than normally-used LED Stand. Moreover, we counted the dust on silicon wafer by [RACCAR : Coarse Particle Counter] and found that Dust Finder L3SQ can visualize even the particle smaller than 30μm (RACCAR can count the smallest particle at 30μm)




 Product: Dust Finder L3SQ (L-Three-Square)
 Light Source: LED
 Maximum Output: 15W
 Power Source: AC Adapter
 Input Voltage (Light Unit): DC12V
 Input Voltage (AC Adapter): 100- 240V, 50/60Hz
Compare with the other Clean Room Light
Cleanroom Light Mini
Easy to carry
For check dust in a small area.
Cleanroom Light NP-1
3,400 lumens light!!
For check dust in a wide area or large workpieces.
To see dust in the air.
Dust Finder L3SQ
Bar-type LED light
For inspection process.

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