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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

RACCAR:Coarse Particle Counter
(Surface Particle Counter)

The size of the dust which causes the problem is not 0.5μm but they are over 30μm.

Most dust that causes your product's flaw is too big to count by a handy particle counter. To find those more significant dust, you have to use the right tool: Coarse Particle Counter RACCAR

Dust over 30μm is affected by gravity. They fall slowly and accumulate on the surface of things. RACCAR can classify the particle size by ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm, and ≧200μm and count the particle volume by each classification.


General Features and Outline Specifications
 Model: CS-RA004
 Classification: ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm and ≧200μm
 Classification of coarse particles' size: ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm and ≧200μm
 Count the number of dust on the sampling plate's surface (4-inch silicon wafer) and classify them.
 Save image data and classified/counted data (CSV format)
 Measuring time: 10 seconds
 You can clean up sampling plates and use them agian.
  Size: 490mm x 420mm x 275mm
 Weight: ca. 21kg

Successful Examples

Measurement of fallen dust in your environment

Coarse particles in any place can be measured by placing cleaned up silicon wafers and using RACCAR to count the dust on them. Then, you will be able to estimate how much the coarse particles may fall on your workpieces in the environment. This method is effective everywhere silicon wafer can place, even inside of ovens, usually is difficult to check. This kind of way is called a “Particle test” in the semiconductor industry. RACCAR enables to do such particle test in many applications and help your investigation to improve your production yield.

Measurement of cleanroom consumables (Stamp Test)

You can check how much dust is attached on cleanroom consumables (gloves, cleansuits) by touching the sampling silicon wafer and measuring by RACCAR. Cleanroom consumables are not always clean as you expect. Even if you clean them up before entering the cleanroom, your hands might have dust on them when touching the product. Understanding the condition is the first step to an effective measurement.


 RACCAR and PC ① USB Cable
② LAN Cable
③ AC Power Cable
④ Stage
⑤ Software CD
⑥ USB Security Key

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