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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Cleanroom UV Light (Model: PL-6U)

 To detect the contamination containing phosphors that glow by ultraviolet light.

The UV light, known as blacklight, emits high-frequency UV-A, invisible by human's naked eyes. Things containing phosphors will absorb UV and emit the lower frequency light, we can see them purplish.

The whitener in clothing detergent and paper also contain phosphors. That's why we can see clothes and paper glow in UV light.

Therefore, we can use PL-6U to detect the dust from clothing or paper as well.

Product Name: Cleanroom UV Light
Model: PL-6U
Dimension: Φ34x Long 132 mm
Weight: 150g (battery included)
Light Source: UV LED
Wavelength: UV 365nm
Lamp Output: Max 6W
Lamp Span Time: 50,000 hrs.
Battery: Lithium-ion
Output Voltage: DC3.7V/2600mAh
Input Voltage: DC5V/1~2A, micro USB
Continuous Use: 2.5hrs.
Charging Time: ca. 4hrs.

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