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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Dust Finder L3SQ (L-Three-Square)

Visualize dusts on your workpieces in process!

Dust Finder L3SQ is new model of Dust Finder L3, the light for checking dusts on workpieces in cleanroom.

PAST Model
- L3SQ can visualize ≧10 micron particles in proper condition.
- Easy to set up on desk.
- Clearly visible with Green Filter(optional)

2 times LONGER !!  2.5 times BRIGHTER !!
with NEW Optional : Green Filter & Stand !!
L3SQ Specification
Size (Light Part): 223㎜×30㎜×31㎜
Weight: 270g

Brightness Adjuster

With Brightness Adjuster, you can adjust brightness of the light to fit the size of particles you would like to see.

Dim light to see only big size particles.

Bright light to see small size particles.



Green Filter
Visualize the dust clealier with Green Filter
Click the picture to enlarge.
NO Green Filter WITH Green Filter
From the picture, you can see that L3SQ WITH Green Filter visualizes the dusts clearlier than that NO Green Filter.