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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

CS-Balloon: Cleanroom Air Adjustor

Improve air turbulance in cleanroom by CS-Balloon!!

CS-Balloon is an air adjustor set at air supply port for broadening slow air stream to overall area equally.

To maitain clean environment in cleanroom, enough volume of clean air is needed. Then, to supply enough clean air to cleanroom, some users install the FFU that has capacity to supply large volume of air. But If air velocity from supply port is too high, it may lead to air turbulence which possibly cause undesirable contaminant problem.

For example, when the air from FFU go straight to floor strongly, the dust nearby may be blown up and float with air stream. If there are any work pieces at downstream, they probably are contaminated.

Therefore, keeping low velocity of air stream is necessary in cleanroom.

The video below shows direction of air stream from FFU, comparing between "Without CS-balloon" and "With CS-balloon".

As you see in the video above, with CS-Balloon, air flow is stable that help keeping cleanliness efficiently.When we remove the CS-Balloon, the air flow became turbulent that makes it difficult to keep cleanliness.
We can visualise the air flow by "Mist Stream" and green laser as below

Without CS-Balloon

With CS-Balloon

As you see, in case fo without CS-Balloon, the air from supply port is so strong that remove all mist under FFU. At the same time, there is a lot of mist stays beside the air route, does not broaden around at all. On the other hand, when we install CS-Balloon at the air supply port, air from the port broaden weak air stream around neaby area quite equally that is desirable air flow in cleanroom.

Cleanbooth with CS-Balloon is purified more quickly than without CS-Balloon!!

Slow down the air velocity and Spread air stream around equally by CS Balloon!!

Example of Usage

Use in Cleanbench

Use in Cleanbooth

Set easily by hook and loop fastener!!

Many kinds of CS-Balloon


Circular Type
Cylinder Type

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