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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

CSC Cleanroom Light Lineup

Choose the right tools in the right situation!

We, CSC, have several kinds of cleanroom light that have different strong points. Using the right tools in the right situation is the best way to solve the problem!



・For large workpieces (car parts, LCD, film, etc.)
・Check dusts after cleaning.
・Check dusts and flaws on work.
・For small workspieces or inside the machine.
・Easy to carry around.
・Bar type light
・For flat workpieces (LCD, glass, film, sheet, etc.)
・For setting in the inspection process.


Product Name Cleanroom Light NP-1 Cleanroom Light MINI Dust Finder L3SQ
Model NP-1 CSPV-1000 Light: CSDBA-LP200W-L2000-C02
AC Controller: CS-15AC
Power 35W  - 115W (MAX)
Light Source HID LED LED
lx 3400 lm 1000 lm (MAX) -
Power Source Battery type,
AC Adaptor type
Battery type AC Adaptor type
Continuous time Battery type: ca. 90 mins,
AC Adaptor type: 24hr (with taking some break)
ca. 40 hrs. (*Till 1 lm) 24 hrs.
(Please take some rests periodically)
Charge time ca. 3.5 hrs. 7 hrs. -
Battery life 400 - 500 cycles 400 - 500 cycles -
Lamp life ca. 3,000 hrs. ca. 40,000 hrs. ca. 30,000 hrs.
Size 95mm x 295mm x 135mm 158mm x 30mm x 40mm Light part: 223m x 30mm x 31 mm
Switch part (Controller): 48 mm x 74mm x 30mm
AC adaptor, Cable length: 2500mm (From edge of light to adaptor)
Weight ca. 2.3 kg (Including battery) ca. 214 g Light part: ca. 270 g
Switch part: ca. 190 g
Fixing Method Fixable by tripod
(Please prepare tripod by yourself)
 - Stand tool (Option)

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