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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Air Stream Visualization Tool:
Mist Stream

Visualize invisible air stream by fine purified water mist.

it is essential to control the air stream to maintain cleanliness in the cleanroom. Mist Stream can visualize the air stream by generating fine purified water mist. Also, it equips Middle Efficiency Air Filter (MEPA) for use in the cleanroom.

Examples of usage

⇒ Check positive or negative pressure in the cleanroom.

⇒ Detect air detention area in the cleanroom.
⇒ Check subtle air stream around your work.
⇒ Confirmation of rising air due to heat.

General features

  • Tough body: Even the case tips over, it can recover and work soon
  • Two types of nozzles: Single nozzle and multiple nozzles that you can select according to the usage.
  • Mobile by rechargeable battery (optional)

    ※ Clean Room Light (NP-1, Mini etc.) can make you see the mist clearer in a wide range.


    Outline Specification
    Size: W168 x H245 x D355mm
    Weight: ca. 7 kg (excluding water in tank)
    Material: Anti-Static PVC (partially normal PVC)
    Power Supply: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
    Usable Water: Purified water ONLY
    Mist Generation: approx.1200 ml / hour
    Operating Time: approx. 40 min (Between upper and lower limit)
    Filter: Middle Efficiency Air Filter (MEPA)
    Accessories:Hose, Single Nozzle, Multiple Nozzle, Protection Cap

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