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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Dust Sampler & Duscur

Dust Sampler : the adhesive dust sampling sheet !!

Dust Sampler DS-20 is the white adhesive film with 10mm grid pattern.

It is sampling tool in cleanroom or process you want to sample dusts.

Sampled dusts can be counted by eyes or used in analysis.
After the sampling, putting the cover film on the surface can prevent more dusts stick on it. DS-20 is very easy to use for multiple place sampling or long-term sampling. By its low adhesive power, the adhesive is not left on the dusts.

■ DS-20 is suitable for the process that concern about the dust bigger than 100μm.
■ It is improtant to analysis the killer dust of the process!!

DS-20 dust sampling for SEM and FTIR analysis.

Example method
1)Let DS-20 sample the copper powder and put transparent film on surface.
2)Pick up one copper fragment and put into SEM.
As a result, only copper is found.

There was no any stickiness from DS-20 on a lint. DS-20 does not affect expensive analysis.

DUSKUR : the adhesive dust sampling sheet !!

After you succeed in seeing tiny dusts in cleanroom, next step is knowing how much dusts there are. Making it into data helps you manage dust problem very well. However, measuring dust machines are expensive and it is not easy to buy…Then, here is Duscur300C for you!

■ Duscur is the software for PC. We sell it with Duscur Scanner as a set. For sampling dust, you need DSW-01 (special dust sampler for Duscur)
● Duscur300C is the dust counter which counts and classifies dusts on the special adhesive sheet DSW-01 by using scanner.
●For detecting large dust which is affected by gravity well.
●Classification: 300um≦, 350um≦, 400um≦, 450um≦, 500um≦ (Total mode/Divide mode)
●The result can be saved in PC as result images and CSV file.
*OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
●The result can be saved in PC as result images and CSV file.

●Measurement time is about 10 seconds. It is short and easy to use.
●The result is also shown in SPC class (ISO14644-9).
●The result is easy to print.
●Using with cleanroom light let you count precisely and see dust well.

●Scanner is Flathead type and easy to handle.

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