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CSC Co., Ltd. is a company specialized for helping customers from coarse particle problem in Cleanroom.

Clean Room Light NP-1

Reveal dusts in clean rooms and surface defects of yourworks!

Clean Room Light NP-1 is a very strong handy search light with HID light. It can clearly reveal dusts of about 10 μm size in clean rooms.
You can find the following things such as…
-Small dusts on the floor and the wall in clean rooms.
-Small dusts on the plastic curtain of clean booths.
-Surface defects of works such as cracks and scratches.

Lighting from a low angle reveals surface defects and dusts. It is also effective to aim the light beam from the back side for transparent works such as glass.
It is not so suitable for the rough surface that induces diffuse reflection.

When hands are clapped in a clean bench, you can see a lot of the movements of the small dusts if lighted by Clean Room Light NP-1.

-For checking dusts in cleanroom for cleaning.
-Share the fact there are a lot of coarse particles in cleanroom with operartors.
-Training about coarse particles.
-Appearance check for your products.

※Video to see particle in the air※

3 Types of Filter

Green Filter

 (in Set with NP-1)

Green light makes the paritlice easy to see.

UV Cut Filter

For use in any process that need pay attention to UV,
e.g. in the process of UV photolithography.

UV Filter


UV Filter will block most visible light and allows through UV.
For the detection of substances tagged with fluorescent dyes
such as fabrics from clothes.

Examples of using UV Filter
UV Filter
UV Filter